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Innovating for the beauty and manicure industry

High-quality beauty and manicure tools production with OEM, ODM, OBM manufacturing options

High-tech facilities

Futuristic technology upgrading continuously to the best available, facilitating production, customization and self-dependent innovation

Industry experts

Highly skilled individuals teamed up to recreate the industry producing error free products and innovating the next phase of the industry

Long-lived Experience

A 10 years long complete supply chain of nail products and peripherals and 4 years of self-dependent design capacities encouraging innovation

Our Products

Parch Petals designs and manufactures reseller electric nail drill machines, LED UV nail lamps, Nail dust collectors and many other beauty and manicure tools that incorporate advanced technology for easy and simple operation.


Convenient & flexible

USB charging

Low noise


Petal Care Brushless Nail Drill

Petal Care Portable Nail Drill

Petal Care Pro Manicure Drill

Petal Perfect 2-In-1 Nail Drill

Petal Care Pro Glazing Machine

Petal Perfect Nail Polishing Machine

Petal Perfect Portable Nail Drill

Petal Perfect Pro Nail Drill

Parch Petals

Encouraging ideation for innovation
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We are on a journey, refabricating the industry with futuristic beauty and manicure tools. Having lived a holistic experience as an enterprise for nearly a decade we have been able to enjoy a self-dependent facility for 4 years now – encouraging innovators and visionary businesses and business personnel to idea generation.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, for you – we customize our products, manufacture your products and even invent whole new products developed upon ideas formulated inside the minds of entrepreneurs who are our customers.

High-tech facility

High-skilled engineers

Specialized R&D

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Extra Accessories

We produce extra accessories required for the main products at Parch Petals factories. Learn more about our accessories.

They enjoy our service

Because we work to put a smile on your face

Trương Thanh

With Parch Petals, we reached an extra milestone for our company introducing a manicure product that invaded our domestic market like a storm and I am much pleased to continue working with Parch Petals refining our product for new markets.

Harris Thompson

It is a fact that Parch Petals create the kind of products that strongly hold over 50% of the market encouraging us to join hands with them. Now we make an equal progress. Thank you very much for our new found success.


Towards Excellence

Parch Petals journeyed through many walks of growth phases improving to today's phase to have to our name the best R&D team, innovating beauty tools together with our clients.

Have a question?

Yes. Parch Petals is a manufacturer owning a massive area of 1800m2 of a factory space with state-of-the-art technology manufacturing in 4 production lines.
Depending on the product type and the service type we provide different warrant terms and terms are left to be negotiated at the time of the purchase.
You do not have to purchase accessories separately for products that include accessories as a part of the product but we also make available accessories to purchase separately.

Yes. You can customize our products for different colors, shapes, designs, and also features to represent your brand. You can also develop an entirely new product with our R&D team.

Parch Petals MOQ is set to 1000 units per order. However, you can contact us to negotiate for a flexible quantity or for more details.

Let us device your new idea

Join us and bring your idea to life with Parch Petals. Send us your inquiries and we’ll join forces with you to enhance your brand with a new product.