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Encouraging ideation for innovation

Howdy, new ideas!

Encouraging innovation as a holistic enterprise we open up ways to visionary brands to create products to the beauty and manicure industry. Not isolating ourselves in a singular item, we are much dedicated to innovation and strongly believe that we can incorporate technology largely in this industry, giving out products as an attempt to revamp this industry for sustainability. And your idea is a treasure we love to grow on.

We develop your mental representation of that spark of idea into a physical display of a complete product. That product is your brand and your own innovation that we help in the development and production phases of it. We have the resources and skills and expertise required to formulate your idea into a physical product and nothing excites us than collaborating with you to process a novel product to the market in your name. 

Self-dependent Innovation

Facilitating The Entire Process Of Innovation

High-tech facilities

Parch Petals have to its name high-tech factories of 4 production lines with laser printing technology to design and produce products with unlimited design and feature variations

Specialized R&D

We have top-level capacities in our R&D department in terms of both human and tech resources after growing for 4 whole years as a self-dependent firm for innovative products

Industry experts

Parch Petals’ crew is braced by top-notch engineers in the world with high-level experience in specified tasks and fields from ideation and designing to producing and manufacturing

Reinventing Your Brand

Conceptualizing a smart way for increased efficiency is not something everyone can or wants to do. That’s why we encourage it and work our ways to bring your idea into reality. But we stay true to our principles.

We practice and drive upon ethical development and we will always make sure that your idea is your own brand with guaranteed no harm to your product ownership.
We don’t just give out a physical version of your idea formulation. Instead, we communicate enhancement for your idea with our experience, skills & technology.
Innovating novel items may cost hefty prices elsewhere. But we input cost control methods like inhouse and beta testing to scale down your costs while scaling up your product.

How It Works

Unlimited Customization



Manufacturing all your beauty and manicure tools and equipment in our high-tech manufacturing firms


Customizing Parch Petals beauty and manicure tools and equipment for private labelling of your brand


Manufacturing sophisticated products to the beauty and manicure industry encouraged by customer ideation

We are Patent Owners

Our nail drills casings are patented products of Parch Petals

Let us device your new idea

Join us and bring your idea to life with Parch Petals. Send us your inquiries and we’ll join forces with you to enhance your brand with a new product.