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Parch Petals Accessories

Accessory pieces to go on par with your nail drill machine

Nail drills come with an accessory pack containing different types of drill bits for different manicure purposes. You can also purchase accessory packs separately from our stores and also request for customization.

In Various Sizes

Accessory pieces in different sizes to adjust to different manicure situations.

With Durable Materials

Accessory pieces made to last long for a convenient use with long-lasting materials

Drill Bits To Customize

Customizing nail drill bits complementing your machine and your requirement

Sand Ring Shaft Drill Bit

Used in conjunction with a sand belt to hard polish and remove calluses

Needle Bit

To polish the nail edge

Cone Drill Bit

To polish nail edges and cuticles

Spherical Drill Bit

To polish the nail side

Large Cylindrical Drill Bit

For surface treatment and shortening

Small Cylindrical Drill

To grind the nail surface

We Can Help You To Start Your Own Brand!

With our research and development team, you can create a totally new product for the beauty and manicure industry with your vision.