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Production Process

Leveraging through innovation


Initial stage of assessing your requirements to develop a scheme


Putting down a scheme phasing the process and other applicables


Incorporating needs and design techniques to design a product


Collecting materials and prepping the facility required for production


Making a sample product for client’s assessment and approval


Incorporating multiple testing methods to perfect the final design


Mass producing the approved product and QAing for top quality


Packaging and shipping your products safely to your destination

From the inception we work to see a sensational product for our clients that can impact the clients’ business – leveraging it, and in case of new inventions we again strive to throw into the market a thriving product on your behalf after processing it in a production cycle like below.

We Can Help You To Start Your Own Brand!

With our research and development team, you can create a totally new product for the beauty and manicure industry with your vision.