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Order Process

It’s easy on your side but diligent on our side


Receiving your requirements for all in stock, custom and novel products


Evaluating requirements for everything incorporating design & production

Sample Making

Making & sending your sample for your evaluation before mass production


Testing & refining the product for perfection before mass manufacturing


Accumulating material & manufacturing after refining the product


Testing with standardized QA and delivering your products to you

Parch Petals holds 4 long years of independent design and the ability to develop new products. We work your idea or design to develop a fruitful beauty tool or equipment when you send us your specifications. We are one of the handful of mass manufacturers in the entire world to offer this incredible opportunity for clients to experience a unique journey of innovation in this industry. We send you a sample upon development and with your approval, improve or manufacture, introducing never seen before products to the beauty and nail industry for an amazing user experience.

We Can Help You To Start Your Own Brand!

With our research and development team, you can create a totally new product for the beauty and manicure industry with your vision.