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Research & Development

All embracing product development at a top-notch R&D facility
Our research and development department grew through the years to spare a new division in this entire industry because it was much needed. Upon realizing the need and driven through passion for innovation, we smartened up our R&D department with quality and integrity.

A Need For Innovation

An industry driven upon physical appearance encouraged people to be on the go with extreme practices and being in the industry, we saw it for years. We grew through determination to improve the industry with an impact. Today, we have the best engineers, facilities and technology promoting and provoking the innovation of healthy beauty and manicure tools facilitating wholesome innovation based production for your new idea for a beauty tool or equipment.

Upgrading To The Latest

Ours is a self dependent facility enriched with cutting-edge technology. We have laser printing technology allowing countless opportunities for  innovation, for we do not step back for any limitations. Today, our facilities are spanned through 1800m2 of land with an unrivalled capacity promoting innovation within our R&D department. We have a team of top level engineers and we are dedicated to facilitate them so as to discover a new version for this industry.

Idea Generation

We encourage ideas within and beyond our R&D team to design products that can change the industry

Design & Refine

Receiving ideas, evaluating the capacities as a product, refining the idea and the design for maximum usage

A Novel Product

Introducing a novel novel product after sample and beta testing, calculating the utility and manufacturing

Built Through Experience

The enterprise began entering the design and development of the beauty and manicure industry after operating as a firm producing electrical instruments. Combining our production capacity with designing, we grew for years, designing and producing our own products. The enterprise has a young and active team of 30 people in R & D, growing as a self-dependent innovation firm for 4 years encouraging ideation among our customers to introduce novel equipment to this industry.

Highly experienced team of engineers

Technology updating to the latest

All inclusive design & production facility

We Can Help You To Start Your Own Brand!

With our research and development team, you can create a totally new product for the beauty and manicure industry with your vision.