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7 Professional Nail Supply Essentials for Acrylic Nails

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Looking for professional nail supply essentials for acrylic nails to start your own business? From the looks of it, the nail industry is something that relies on the practice and skills of nail techs. However, that does not mean that you can ignore the importance of nail supplies in any way. No matter how skilled you are, everything will fall apart if you use low-quality products for your clients. So, do not be quick to judge and underestimate the impact of nail supplies on your business.

If you are an aspiring nail tech who is looking forward to starting your own nail salon, you will have to get the supplies and restock them before getting things started. Before launching your business you have to get professional nail supply essentials in the first place. Especially, if you are a newbie in the industry, it would be beneficial for your ongoing business journey the more you are updated about the latest trends and practices. Keep in mind that the moment your clients find out even the slightest mistake, they won’t come back again. Thus, there is a high chance that you will lose them forever. No need to panic. Once you read this article you will find the supply checklist to get things done especially when it comes to acrylic nails.

The Professional nail supply checklist for perfect acrylic nails

Image of acrylic nail: Professional nail supply essentials

Acrylic powder

An Acrylic powder is a must in your professional nail supply checklist when doing acrylic nails. Typically after gluing the artificial tips to the nails, you will have to use them. Remember that before applying the powder, you have to mix it up with a liquid monomer. Then it will become spreadable and after the application, it will solidify. The acrylic powder will make the nails more durable and give away a natural look.

Nail primer

The primary of the nail primer is to prep the nail plate before applying the acrylic nails. In short, nail primer is sort of a base that is applied on the nail plate and it will help the bonding of the acrylic nails. At the same time, it prevents the chopping of the nails and gets rid of excess oil if any in your nail plate. Remember that a good primer will give the nails a smooth finish and get rid of air bubbles.

Dappen dish

In general, this is a tiny container that is either made with glass or plastic. Simply, this container can hold any product that you may find essential in manicures or pedicures. In fact, this container comes in handy as a professional nail supply to contain liquid monomers when you are doing acrylic nails. Besides, you can use them for putting alcohol and acetone.

Nail Drill

Image of nail drill: one of the professional nail supply essentials

When it comes to acrylic nails, nail drills are vital and a necessity to do your work. Using a nail drill, you can remove oil and roughen the surface, so the acrylic nail tips will properly bond to the natural nails. At the same time, getting rid of old acrylic nails is much easier with a nail drill in hand. However, make sure to grab the best nail drills, so they will last long

Nail brush

You may have already seen a nail brush in each professional nail kit supply essentials. Simply, there is no way a nail tech can work without a nail brush in hand. In fact, in order to apply and mix any product, a nail brush would is vital. Moreover, the bristles of nail brushes are made for a soft and gentle application. Thus, the brush won’t cause any harm to the natural nails of your clients.


Simply acetone is a liquid that can break down or dissolve certain products in manicures and pedicures. In fact, acetone can clean acrylic nails and get rid of excess products from the nails quite easily. The primary use of acetone is non-other than removing nail polish. So, make sure to grab enough acetone for your nail salon as you are going to need them more frequently.

Wipes or cotton swabs

Image of nail tech applying nail polish

In order to dip the acetone and apply them over the nails, you will have to get either cotton swabs or wipes. Whenever you need to give a quick-cleaning touch to nails keep them beside you. In addition, when doing acrylic nails, wipes would be ideal as the cotton swabs may leave traces of fibers behind. This is why any professional nail supply essentials will have wipes or cotton swabs.

After reading the above list, you can easily make checklist on your own and buy all the essential products for your nail salon. You can easily find good deals for nail supply products easily online from a few clicks. However, make sure to get the quality-ensured products from certified manufacturers all the time. Luckily, we found a renowned manufacturer to get the innovative and error-free products for your nail salon.

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