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Get Your Dog’s Nails in Tip-Top Shape with These Electric Nail File Instructions

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Cutting down the nails is a vital part of dog grooming. However, it would be a total disaster if you do not have a clue about when and how to do it. In worse cases, you will have to wrestle with your dog for hours and still would not be able to cut the nails. Moreover, it will make your dog more anxious the next time when it is time to cut the nails. Well, none of these would have taken place if you follow the correct instructions when you are using the electric nail file on your dog’s nails.

Electric nail file instructions #1 Why should you keep an eye on the nails of your dog?

Trimming the nails of the dog is a vital part to ensure the health of your dog. Thus it is a must to trim their nails regularly. If you notice that their nails are more lengthy than usual, it is better to trim them right away. The reason is that there is a high chance that their nails may entangle and be torn off. If you do not want to seek veterinary assistance in the middle of the night, it is better to take a look at your dog’s nails regularly. This is where you have to use the electric nail file which is one of the dog nail-trimming tools. Moreover, since the nails are related to hygiene, your dog may prone to infections when scratching. Well, now you know why it is a must, is not it?

Electric nail file instructions #2 When to file the nails?

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There is no use, even when you have an electric nail file if you do not have a clue on when to use it. Let us tell you a little tip on when to find it out. When your furry friend is walking, you will hear a clip-clop sound which is made when the nails are hitting on the ground. And this is where you have to action right away and cut the nails.

Well, as you may know, filing is not the only method out there. Clipping the nails is another great alternative to give a go. However, many dogs do not prefer clipping and get anxious. The reason behind this is that they become scared due to the sensation when clipping their nails. Moreover, it will be quite difficult to use clippers when your dog has darker nails. Thus, there is a high chance that you may accidentally cut the quick which causes tremendous pain for your dog. If it your very first time cutting your pets nails, reach out to the nearest vet to get the get instructions in order to chose between electric nail file and clippers.

Electric nail file instructions #3 How to file the nails?

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Surely you have run down a few failed attempt at trimming your dogs’ nails. Well, once you follow these few instructions when while using the electric nail file, you do not have to wrestle with your pet anymore. And you can say goodbye to the scartchces all over your body. Let us take a look at how you can trim your pets nails without intimidating them.

1. Get everything ready

The first thing you have to do as the dog owner, is make all the preparations to trim the nails. Well, this include all the tools and treats and a place. This will help you to make the process much faster in which your pet can be relax as soon as possible.

2. Trim the excess fur

Oftentimes, dog nails trimming has become quite difficult, due tot he possibility of harming the dog nails by accidently cutting the quick of their nails. Well, to make your job more easier and faster get rid of any excess fur on your dog’s paws. This will help you to clearly see their nails.

3. Use your thumb

Image of a dog that make a mess of the floor

It will be a bloodbath unless you hold your dog’s paw correctly and steadily. However, do not tight your grip too much and hold the paw in a gentle manner. Then use your thumb to extend the nail so you can trim it precisely.

4. Start trimming with the electric nail file

Do not cut down a larger portion of nail at once. So, cut a smaller part of the tip at a time. This way your pet’s nails will come through the process unscathed. Once you follow all of these instructions you can cut the dog’s nails easily with the help of an electric nail file.

Well by anychance if you go overboard and make a mess, use styptic powder right away to stop the bleeding. If the injury is serious enough take your furry friend to a vet right away.

5. Take everything slower

Remember that you cannot start clipping or filing right away. Instead you have to getting your pup used to clippers, electric nail files or any other trimming tools. Moreover, place your pup in a comfortable position so they won’t panic or scared right away. You can use treats or toys and praise your dogs for a trouble-free and painless grooming session.

Bottom Line!

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Now you know all the instruction that you should follow when using the electric nail file to trim the nails on your furry friends. From now on you won’t be making any failed attempts anymore. All you have to do is to follow the above tips precisely. Remeber that your dogs will need some time to adhere into these trimming tools. So, as a dog owner wait patiently until they get used to these grooming sessions over time. Since you are here on looking for more information on how to use the electric nail file, surely you may considering to purchase these electric nail files right away. Make sure to place your order to get the best electric nail files for the safety of your lovely pets.