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How to Avoid Nail Drill Burns?

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If you are an owner of a nail salon or a nail care specialist who works with electric nail drills, then this post will be useful for you. Because it contains information about one of the biggest concerns in the industry right now. Since businesses lose many customers each day due to these nail drill burns. And that is why we are preparing this post for you to avoid these situations. Losing customers can lead you to lose profits as well as the business itself when it comes to the long term. But with help of this post, you will not face any of these issues and will be able to continue your business operation without worry.

Also, this information regarding nail drill burns is good for individuals who do their own nails at home as well. So let’s find out what these nail burns are and how they happen. And then, later on, we will tell you what you need to do to avoid this condition.

What are Nail Drill Burns?

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Nail drill burns occur when you try to over-shave your nails using the electric nail drill. And this can be painful and damage your nails which can even lead to bleeding. So as a professional, you have to avoid this as your customers will be greatly unsatisfied. But not many people know about them even among the professionals since you do not when it will happen. And that is why unknowingly business is losing their customers and getting bad reviews. There are some factors that lead to these nail drill burns. So identifying them can help you to avoid these situations.

4Therefore next, let’s find out what factors that lead to this condition in your nail salon. Again even individuals who are doing their own nails can follow these tips to avoid getting nail drill burns.

Why Nail Drill Burns Happen

1. Not Enough Attention

The no.1 reason for nail drill burns is not providing enough attention to the drilling process. Because sometimes while shaving you might start a conversation and will not provide an adequate amount of attention to drilling. So this can lead to over-shaving and burns to occur in the fingernails. So always remember that fingernails are fragile and need a lot of attention during the drilling process. It’s always good to converse and enjoy the moment with your customer. But make sure not to take your eyes off the nail drill while talking. And this will help you to avoid many mistakes when it comes to drilling at the nail salon or in your home.

2. Wet Nails

Having wet nails can lead to nail drill burns as well. Because wet nails are even more fragile than normal since after absorbing water they are easy to shave off. So make sure to dry the hands of your customers before you start the nail drilling process. And this will help you to avoid having nail drill burns that will offer your customer a wonderful service. For people who do their own nails, make sure you keep this in mind as well to avoid nail drill burns. Therefore always remember it is a bad thing to have wet nails before nail drilling.

3. Bad Nail Drills

Having bad electric nail drills without proper certifications can cause nail drill burns. Because there are fixed or adjustable RPMs suitable for each nail type or density in each nail drill. Because people have different smoothness or density of nails. So if the nail drill you use is defective and is unable to properly shave off the nails with a compatible RPM, then it can cause nail drill burns. And that is why you need to have fully functioning and professional nail drills for your business. It will be a great investment for your business if you were to buy them wholesale.

4. Wrong Naild Drill Bit

Different nail drill bits have different uses, and that is why you need to properly check whether the nail drill bit you use is suitable for shaving off the nails. For example, a cone nail drill bit should be used to shave the cuticle area of the nail. And you should avoid using any other type of nail drill bit to do this as it can cause nail drill burns. Again, this is another problem you can avoid by providing enough attention to what you do. Because, if you double-check everything before you start the nail drilling process, then you won’t have to face any of these issues.

Parting Thoughts!

By avoiding the situations we mentioned above, you will be able to do a painless and successful nail care session. Keep in mind if you do not practice them properly then it can cause great customer dissatisfaction and financial losses. So make sure to practice while providing keen attention before and during each nail cares solution.

Lastly, as a parting thought, we like to mention that having great equipment will also come in handy to avoid nail drill burns. So make sure to find quality nail drills and bits for your business or individual use from a good manufacturer.

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