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Pets and Pedicures: Are Electric Nail Files Safe For Dogs?

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Fed up with wrestling with your furry friend in an attempt to clip the nails? Well, obviously, your pet won’t let you get anywhere near it once you start the clipping. This can happen when the dogs get too stressed and scared about it. Not just the dog, but you the dog owner might be anxious as it is easier to cut the blood vessel quite easily when clipping the nails. Since nail clipping is quite difficult why do not you give a go to electric nail files? As you can guess already, using electric nail files are safe for dogs instead of clipping. Think we are bluffing? Scroll down below to find out why using electric nail files are best for dogs.

The behind story of clipping or filing the nails of dogs

If you are a dog owner, caring for your furry friend is on your shoulder. As such, one of the responsibilities is for you to enhance the well-being of your dog. This is why you have to take care of unnecessarily long nails before they pose harm to your pet’s safety. Long nails mean that there’s a high chance that the dog’s nail may tangle in your newly bought carpet. Moreover, the nails may even tear off in an attempt free the leg. If the injury is serious enough you have to take your dog for medical attention. Now you know why it is a necessity to clip or file dog nails. However, unlike human nails, trimming dog nails is not an easier task.

Inside the nail, there is a vein that supplies the blood to the nail. And this center part of the nail is referred to as the quick. Typically your dog’s nails are grown around this part. So, when you are clipping the nail, you have to only clip the outer hard nail and avoid cutting the quick. However, this is really tricky, and cutting the quick will cause tremendous pain to your pet. Moreover, if you got a nail clippers in your hand, there is a high chance that you may accidentally cut the quick in the process. This is why electric nail files are one of the safe and gentler approaches to trimming the nails of your dog. Moreover, when you are using an electric nail file you can grind the nail slowly and stop at once before it hits the quick.

Why you should opt for electric nail files

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Sensation of clipping

Your dog may put up a huge tantrum from the moment it saw the nail clipper. Well, the reason is quite obvious. Their quick was cut amidst the nail clipping process. This is why your pets are instinctively avoiding the whole nail clipping process. Another reason is the sensation they feel when clipping. Oftentimes, when clipping, the nails may squeeze, which may cause discomfort to dogs. Dogs, tend to become anxious due to these squeezing. This is why filing is the favorite choice of many dogs as it has a more sort of a gentler approach. Thus you won’t have a harder time calming your dog amidst the nail-trimming process.

Reduces any possibility of injury

As mentioned above when cutting dog nails, dog owners should avoid cutting the quick of the nail. This can be quite common if your dog has darker nails in which it is quite harder to trim or cut the nails without avoiding the quick. If your dog has the same issue and you can’t see the quick when cutting the nails, having an electric nail file will solve all your problems. So, you can use the electric nail file for safe nail cutting and avoid any damage to your furry friend’s nails. In addition, dog owners can feel more at ease while cutting the nail since there is no harm to their pets.

No scratches or irritation

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Once you start to change from clipping to filing you will see the difference then and there. No more wrestling with your dogs while nail cutting. Your pet won’t be intimated or anxious when it is time for nail cutting. Moreover, no you won’t have scratches all over your body since filing will give your pet a sense of comfort, unlike clipping. Having precisely cut and tidy nails mean that your pet’s skin won’t be irritated when it is scratching its own skin. This is especially vital if your dog has dry skin. As frequent scratching may end up developing infections.

Avoid replacing things

After cutting and trimming the dog’s nails, you know what happens next. Your dog may ruin your newly bought carpets and tear the cushions in minutes with its sharp edges of nails. When you clip the nails, it often leaves the end of the nails more sort of sharpening and pointed. These sharp edges are the culprit behind the mess that your dog left. Well, none of these would have taken place if you choose nail filing instead of nail clipping. Nail filing makes the nail blunt and rounded. Thus, if you want to save your carpets and furniture, purchase an electric nail file.

Parting Thoughts!

Having an anxious and trembling pup in your hand can be really heartbreaking. As the owners, no one would be willing to see their pets in pain or any discomfort. This is why you ought to try electric nail files instead of nail clipping as they are safe to use for your pets. Your dog will find it more comfortable and less anxious. From now on, your furry friend won’t go astray when it is time for nail cutting. Probably now you have changed your mind to purchase electric nail files. However, do not forget to purchase from a well-known electric nail file manufacturer to ensure the quality of all the products that you intend to have.