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The Truth About Nail Drill Burns: We Tested It Out!

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You may have probably seen those amazing nail art styles going viral on Instagram. However, when you researched a bit more, you may give up the idea altogether once you saw the instances of nail drill burns. And may even have second thoughts about changing the nail salon just at the sight of the electric nail drills. We have tested it out with gel and acrylic nails. In addition, we have asked the pros in the lash industry about the truth behind this matter. So, let’s get things clear and find out the truth behind these nail drill burns to clear your doubts once and for all.

What is a nail drill burn?

A nail drill burn is none other than a burning sensation that comes from the nails. Remember that this burning sensation is not a usual way of doing things. So, it is not something normal to feel this way. Well, aside from the electric nail drills, there are a number of reasons behind these nail drill burns. For instance, wet nails, and incorrect use of UV lamps are some of them. Unfortunately, this is another result of inexperienced lash techs as well. Always get your manicures done by professional lash techs. There’s no way, they would hurt you in any way since they have years of experience in the industry.

In addition, doing things on your own sounds great but not with the electric nail drill. Remember that if you feel a burning sensation, while you are using the nail drill on your nails, you are not using the nail drill correctly. So, even if you are a DIYer do not end up with nail drill burns and damaging your precious nails. Especially, unless you have years of experience with nail drills, it is a big no to use the nail drill on your own without enough practice and skills.

Nail drills vs nail burns

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So, all the time you may have wondered what makes these nail drill burns and where they come from in the first place. In fact, this sensation is derived from the tip of the drill bit which is attached to the nail drill. If you ever feel such a sensation there are three reasons behind this. It is either the lash tech is using too much pressure on the nail, using the incorrect drill bit, or using the wrong technique.

Simply put, nail drill burns are non-other than a beginner’s error. And the moment a lash tech chose the wrong drill bit and uses it on the nail, you will start to feel heat and sort of a burn out of the nails where the drill bit comes to contact. For instance, a lash tech can use carbide bits and sanding bands for the same job. However, the pressure required to input for these twos is quite the contrary as the carbide bits are sharper and more aggressive. A professional lash tech won’t ever use nail drills in different directions at the same time. Instead, using it in the same direction is the correct way to use the nail drill.

Is it safe to use nail drills on nails?

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Well, after the above details you may feel like, nail drills are not quite safe because of these nail drill burns stories going on everywhere. Well, remember that it is not the tools that are at fault. So, the nail drill will be perfectly safe to use if it is in the right hands of a well-trained nail tech. Mastering how to use the nail drill is not an easier task for any nail tech at all. Typically, it would require months and may even years of practice to master their skills to perfection without any presence of nail damage.

If you are DIYer, oftentimes, you may not have any previous experience at al. Thus, remember that a nail drill is always used for acrylic or gel nails. It is a big no to use them on natural nails under any circumstances. Surely, you do not want to risk damaging your nails at all. Instead, you can use a traditional nail file on your natural nails.

Parting Thoughts!

By the looks of it, initially, you may have felt that you won’t go anywhere near nail drills anymore. Now you know that nail drill burns are not an outcome of the nail drill, but rather they are a sign of misusing them. Simply put, you can avoid nail drill burns on your own. All you have left to do is to make sure to meet a professional nail tech even if you have to spend a little more on the manicure. At the same time, if you are into DIYs, do not skip the manual and do as it says unless you want to mess with your nails.

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